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Those poor whores... [30 Apr 2007|11:24pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

they just can't help themselves!

I know y'all warned me, and I know I should have stayed away, but I had to look and see how bad it was.


Everything they do is with good intentions?! *boom* I know my love for Kendall is irrational, and probably unhealthy, and I forgive some of her shit, because I love her so much--but I still know to call it shit. But this Carey-love... oh my god! What soap are they watching? Babe held onto Miranda because she wanted to keep JR. And then she decided JR was this monster of a father... yet what did she do with Miranda when she found out her son was alive? Left Miranda with said horrible, monster father. That doesn't say much for her feelings for Miranda, now does it? And Krystal instigated the whole thing (oh, I'm being unfair, it was Paul that started it by telling JR Miranda was his) so her 'precious' daughter could keep on diggin' that gold.

Ahhh, HATE!!! Hate hate hate.

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POOR KRYSTAL??!? [25 Apr 2007|08:01pm]

[ mood | shocked ]


What the devil is happening in that comm?! I haven't been watching but I KNOW the writing and acting can't be that good that people truly feel sorry for those two!!!!


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[10 Mar 2007|11:51pm]

People who love Babe frighten me. [/overarching too-general statement] But I had to say it. That is all.

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[03 Mar 2007|10:42am]

Oh, WOW. The indignation of Babe, when she found out that her mother thought she was dead. If a good writer was writing this, she would use this opportunity to have Babe finally realize how much she hurt people, and she'd stop whining that nobody wuvs her, and she'd understand why she was hated. But the hack is still there, writing Babe like she's God's gift to Pine Valley, so instead, she's just horrified that her mother has to think she's dead, and completely oblivious to the fact that she made two parents think their children were dead. I will never forgive that as long as she's that clueless to what she's done. I hate that bitch! Hate hate hate.

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[28 Feb 2007|09:51am]

I can't take this. The Lavery worship on the show is bad, but the Carey-propping is downright insufferable. Babe didn't want JR to tell Adam that his wife is a WHORE, because she didn't want her mawmaw getting hurt? Whatever. She didn't want her mawmaw losing her meal ticket. And Babe damn sure doesn't care if Adam gets hurt. And now she's "dead" poor thing, and can't tell her mawmaw that she's alive. Krystal's over-the-top histrionics at the horrible double funeral, ruining Tad's moment made me want to throw large heavy objects at the television. But it also made me cackle on the inside, because now the bitch knows what it feels like to lose a child. She knows the grief and pain caused when someone tells you your child IS DEAD. And I love it. I love that she's suffering. People are saying, "Babe would never let her mother think she was dead." Maybe not. After all, Carey women are so good and honorable, and always put each other first. But to hell with everyone else. Because Babe let two parents think their children were dead. So saying she'd never let a parent think his or her child was dead? Well, that's just patently untrue.

And now Josh is to the rescue, talking about how evul JR is. I wouldn't mind a pairing of Josh and Babe, especially if they left town. Josh is no Kane. And those two deserve each other, the miraculous unabortion and the Walking Miracle. I can't take more self-righteous smug Babe on my screen. I get angry just thinking about the shit she gets away with. I hate hate hate her. Goddammit, Alexander, why couldn't you have really killed her?

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This community needs to be resurrected (tell your friends). [15 Nov 2006|05:38pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Babe is one dumb piece of stupid. I love how she thinks that having her by his bedside will help JR heal. And even when he coded once he saw her, she was still screaming into him that she loves him and wouldn't leave. Take the fucking hint, you idiot, he hates you.

And it's great she found a friend who is more stupid than she is. Amanda is just so happy someone likes her idiot ass that she'd say anything stupid to keep her around. 1-JR's condition is Babe's fault. 2-I'm pretty sure PVH is a private hospital. They can fling her ass out the door if they want.

Bianca was talking about how great a guy JR used to be, but it's funny how no one recognizes the fact that all changed when he found Babe in some gutter in San Diego and then inflicted her upon Pine Valley.

Simone and (especially) Dani need to STFU. Who the hell are they to be defending Babe...TO KENDALL of all people!! Just because you think she has "proven" herself doesn't mean that she deserved that job in the first place. The carpetbagger was an infliction upon that company and of course she has done okay there otherwise she would have been thrown to the wolves by then.

Goddammit I still effing hate Greenlee for this.

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[16 Jun 2006|01:40pm]

Does anybody else think that JR might have been a much cooler character if not for Babe?

It seems like McTrash has turned him into this robot with only two settings: 1. Totally in love with Babe, and 2. Hates Babes, drinks a bunch, acts like an asshole. I'd like to see JR do something else, anything else, even if they hooked him up with Lily Montgomery. (She may be autistic, but that's still better than Babe.)

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Reason 254 I hate Babe. [12 Jun 2006|06:25pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]




"You gave up your child, how insane is that?" As insane as, oh, faking someone's child as your own, then lying about it for a long time, then finding your child, and kidnapping him, letting his father believe he was dead? MmmmmHmmmmm...

Whores in glass houses should stop throwing rocks at the mother of their alcholic husbands.

Just sayin.

Plus, when your fake tan goes horribly wrong, and your lips become the same shade as the rest of your skin, tint your lipgloss.

...and you want to work at fusion??? *eyeroll*

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*snort* [27 May 2006|01:55pm]

"I'm so sick and tired of trying to prove I am a human being. I am not a virus, I am a person."

Hahaha, ah, Babe. I beg to differ. It's so funny that McTrash is still trying to make her this victim and all she seems to do is bring out the worst in people.

And this little Queen of the World attitude she has at Fusion is ridiculous. She acts like she worked her way up and deserves her position and didn't have it handed to her as a last act of revenge but a nutcase.

I effing hate Greenlee! Being mad at Kendall is one thing, but leaving Babe that stock was like saying that what Babe did to Bianca was okay.

Silly McTavish. If she had just given Babe what she deserved after that whole thing well, a lot of us wouldn't have stopped watching for so long. But I/we may have moved beyond that by now.

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I hate babe, redux [23 Aug 2005|09:15pm]

I actually posted the following to Television Without Pity's forums on AMC... I wanted to post it to this comm as well because it's the first time I've felt such strong hate for Babe in a long time. I feel guilty for saying I almost was beginning to think she was somewhat tolerable, though I never felt sorry for losing Jamie. But god. I Hate Babe. It was back today. With a passion.

after watching today's episodeCollapse )

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In Remission? [31 May 2005|07:01pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So, are we not hating Babe as much anymore? I know I’m guilty, I stopped watching the show. I was getting physically stressed out the show (read: MMT) was pissing me off so much. So I don’t know if McTrash succeeded in her quest to redeem the slutty, lying, baby-stealing, trailer trash.

I’ve watched about 5 minutes of some episodes now and then (though I did watch the entire wedding episode). But I can’t deal with the Jamie/Babe “us against the world” crap. I’m assuming she hasn’t cheated on him yet, eh? The previews this week make it look like Amanda might succeed in breaking them up, but we’ve been down this road, it’s too much to hope for.

I still like JR.

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hating babe [28 Feb 2005|01:51pm]


I posted this a few days ago, and meant to post it here and just realized now that I actually posted it in my own journal because I'm retarded. So it's kinda outdated.

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[23 Feb 2005|02:24pm]

Im putting this entry in here in fear of being called some heartless bitch & i know you all will understand. Yesterday there were so many posts in the amc community about babe and her crying & how sad it was blah blah blah... but anyway when somebody posted something about "who else was crying when babe was" crap, and all the comments were basically, yeah i cried too, all i wanted to comment was "i laughed". Stupid self-righteous hypocritcal lying cheating skank, it was good to see she got what she deserved, i wont go on into all the things that pissed me off in yesterdays episode, and OLTL's also, because i need to be somewhat happy that we got some gratification in JR winning. i guess theres no point to this post only to say that i didnt cry for Babe, i laughed at her.

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Llanview idiots. [23 Feb 2005|02:58am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

That's real good, Kelly, believe the word of a kidnapper. "Babe told me so many horrible things." I'm sure she conveniently left out what she did to draw that kind of anger from someone. But that's okay, because everyone in Llanview just knows that JR is a bad person who doesn't deserve a child. And Babe, well she's just a saint, isn't she?

And I believe that Kevin was fighting for Adam 3 because he just loves him as much as I believe Babe kept Miranda because she loved JR. That was a family power play and they lost. Deal with it.

One last question, how is JR not justified in his anger and his revenge but everything Babe has done has been justifiable? I just don’t understand how not a single person is on JR’s side (well, aside from Kendall and Erica.)

Okay, I lied, one more last question, speaking of Erica; riddle me this: What would people have Erica do in this situation? No one is defending Erica’s baby snatching in the least. But calling her a hypocrite in this situation seems a little stupid when it’s her daughter. How much sense would it be for her to go, “well, I know you kidnapped my daughter’s kid, and I should be pissed, but since I did it a while back, uh, I guess you’re forgiven. Babe=Good!” Wtf?? It isn’t like Tad’s hypocrisy and hell, think of mob/gang bosses. They’ll do whatever they want to you or your family but you go near a member of their family and they’ll rip you apart. Okay, I’m off track, but I just don’t get the screams of “Erica is such a hypocrite!!!!!” other than yet another way to glorify Babe.

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Question... [22 Feb 2005|06:49pm]

When they showed Babe collapse in hysterics about losing her son, was that supposed to make us feel sorry for her? Because I definitely do not; in fact during that scene I actually said out loud to the tv, "GOOD. It's about time she suffered." Because I know this custodial decision isn't permanent- it IS a soap after all, and for once Babe didn't win. Must be too good to be true.

That said, Wow, AH was amazing today. The scenes with Bianca and at the end on the floor were really great. I can't believe anyone could seriously sob like that all the time. She's truly talented, even if I do hate Babe.

So let's see, Bianca and JR were kept from their children for what, 9 months and a year? How much do you want to bet that Babe somehow gets custody on or before May sweeps?

And one final thought- will she finally concede and call him Adam? Cause that kid is in for one hell of a personality disorder otherwise.

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Goodbye AMC and Babe [21 Feb 2005|03:14pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

I'm sorry, I just can't do it anymore. I can't watch this fucking show anymore. It's beyond comprehension. Because of Babe so many of my favorite characters were ruined and the worst had to be today.

"I hate you and I think you suck, but I still want you to have custody of the baby, even though I'm not really sure why I'm supporting you."

I don't know what Bianca said. In fact, I don't want to understand it. It was horrible. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.

Thank God, Eden is leaving the damn show. I think McPsycho has officially killed the show for me today. It was bad enough Kelly decided that she gave the baby to Babe. It was really bad when Kevin withdrew the custody. It was equally disgusting to see Krystal and Jamie and Tad go on their "but Babe has poor judgement" preachfest.

But what Bianca did was not only out of character, but completely idiotic. How can you hate someone yet want that idiot to have custody of a child? THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANYSENSE. I fail to see the logic.

I'm not sure what I hate most, today's episode, McFuckingStupid, Babe, or all the characters that fucking got ruined in the "sanctify Babe process". I mean how sad is it when the only person in the courtroom today with any damn sense is Reggie? An annoying as little runt like him being the only one with logic that far exceeds that of Babe, David, krystal, Babe and Tad put together.

God I hate this show.

When Babe is killed, suffers a fatal illness, or McTavish is fired, feel free to drop me a quick email to return, otherwise, I think my time with AMC has officially come to an end.

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An Open Letter [21 Feb 2005|02:10pm]

Dear Megan McTavish,

Kidnapping is not done out of love. Not wanting to lose your meal ticket or your perfect life is not love. Destroying primary characters, loved characters, characters with HISTORY on this show, is not acceptable. It is ridiculous, and completely disgusting. McTrash, if I deliver your first born, and then steal her because I don't want to lose my husband, or hurt him, but I'm really sorry about, will you forgive me? Will you do what you just made Bianca do? I'm glad Eden got out of there. And frankly, at this point, I hope she doesn't come back. At least not without a story of severe brain damage after her fall off the balcony, and a vengenance to destroy Babe. And a million apologies for JR, Adam, Kendall, Erica, Ethan and her daughter!!!! Megan, if your writing reflects who you are as a person, you are a terrifying individual.

Sincerely with loathing,

One infuriated fan

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that was great... [17 Feb 2005|04:57pm]

kendall is my hero ♥

so glad she walked in at that moment, the voice of freakin logic.

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[07 Feb 2005|03:06pm]

omfg if i hear babe say "my little baby boy" or "my sweet baby james" one more time.......i dont know what will happen but it just needs to stop. it's annoying. she's annoying. blah.

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Brought over from all_mychildren for a rant. [01 Feb 2005|11:33am]


As it stands as I post, the poll has 83% of the voters choosing Babe as the custodial parent, and only 11% for JR.

How stupid are these people? I can't believe anyone thinks she is a fit mother. She gave up the child she was raising as her own (YES it wasn't hers but it didn't stop her from pretending for months) like Miranda was yesterday's paper. She left her with a man whom she felt was dangerous and a threat to her own child. Where is her regard for the well-being of any child? She took her son from the only parents he knew. How traumatic that must be for him- no wonder he's so fussy all the time! "Who the hell are these people? Where are my parents?" That child is going to need some serious therapy when he gets older.

Here's what I don't get. Babe is a seriously messed up person. She learned her "morals" from her mother, who is equally as messed up. If Babe hates the person she became when she kept Miranda, like she says she does, then she is dooming her son to a life much like hers. She is in no way fit to raise a child, let alone a son, because all Krystal taught her was how to shake her ass. And with a person like Jamie around to instill such wonderful values into this boy, combined with Babe herself... well, this child is condemned.

The only thing JR ever did to Miranda was love her and protect her. He was a damn good father, and if these people had half a brain they'd remember that when it came time to testify. Babe was only a good mother to "Bess" when she thought she was hers.

Ugh. This show stresses me out. I will seriously not even be able to handle myself if JR doesn't get custody of the baby.

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