Julie (she_runs_away75) wrote in ihatebabe,

Brought over from all_mychildren for a rant.


As it stands as I post, the poll has 83% of the voters choosing Babe as the custodial parent, and only 11% for JR.

How stupid are these people? I can't believe anyone thinks she is a fit mother. She gave up the child she was raising as her own (YES it wasn't hers but it didn't stop her from pretending for months) like Miranda was yesterday's paper. She left her with a man whom she felt was dangerous and a threat to her own child. Where is her regard for the well-being of any child? She took her son from the only parents he knew. How traumatic that must be for him- no wonder he's so fussy all the time! "Who the hell are these people? Where are my parents?" That child is going to need some serious therapy when he gets older.

Here's what I don't get. Babe is a seriously messed up person. She learned her "morals" from her mother, who is equally as messed up. If Babe hates the person she became when she kept Miranda, like she says she does, then she is dooming her son to a life much like hers. She is in no way fit to raise a child, let alone a son, because all Krystal taught her was how to shake her ass. And with a person like Jamie around to instill such wonderful values into this boy, combined with Babe herself... well, this child is condemned.

The only thing JR ever did to Miranda was love her and protect her. He was a damn good father, and if these people had half a brain they'd remember that when it came time to testify. Babe was only a good mother to "Bess" when she thought she was hers.

Ugh. This show stresses me out. I will seriously not even be able to handle myself if JR doesn't get custody of the baby.
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