Stephanie.Rose (cotncandiprncss) wrote in ihatebabe,

Im putting this entry in here in fear of being called some heartless bitch & i know you all will understand. Yesterday there were so many posts in the amc community about babe and her crying & how sad it was blah blah blah... but anyway when somebody posted something about "who else was crying when babe was" crap, and all the comments were basically, yeah i cried too, all i wanted to comment was "i laughed". Stupid self-righteous hypocritcal lying cheating skank, it was good to see she got what she deserved, i wont go on into all the things that pissed me off in yesterdays episode, and OLTL's also, because i need to be somewhat happy that we got some gratification in JR winning. i guess theres no point to this post only to say that i didnt cry for Babe, i laughed at her.
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