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I hate babe, redux

I actually posted the following to Television Without Pity's forums on AMC... I wanted to post it to this comm as well because it's the first time I've felt such strong hate for Babe in a long time. I feel guilty for saying I almost was beginning to think she was somewhat tolerable, though I never felt sorry for losing Jamie. But god. I Hate Babe. It was back today. With a passion.

Was I the only one with a sudden huge overwhelming resurgence of Babe hate today? I admit I've been hard on her in my past few posts, but this was the first time in a long time that I felt a really strong desire to pound my screen again. I haven't felt this desire (for Babe) since she was justifying keeping JR in the dark about his son being alive, or the Babe fluffing from Bianca even after she'd found out Babe had stolen her little girl.

I have no idea why I feel happy when JR gets one over on Babe, while Babe's own glee at punishing JR only makes me worry for him and hate her more. I suppose I'm the first to say I'm JR-biased, but for all he's done, I guess I've always found her actions more disgusting, and in addtion, that the show tends to be paint her as a good person. That despite her actions, she's good deep down. JR's a different story. AMC has presented him as at best grey, and usually worse than that. Usually they present him in a dark light with a few saving graces - his love for his son, and his mother.

Somehow seeing her happy to prove someone he cares about is really dead - because that's essentially what she's saying - she hopes to "kill Dixie" a second time for him. It's cold, and crueler than any of JR's plots, far more emotionally manipulative and disgusting.

Did anyone else have the sudden fear that her final gleeful moment of how to reacquire her son was to make JR turn to HER when she has David prove Dixie is dead again? I hate the idea of it. Frankly, I hope this isn't the case, although I suppose it would make for good soap.... And while I could accept Babe-JR hate sex, I don't want Babe to be the manipulator. I want her to be pulled in as unwillingly and as painfully as he would be. If they do do this, which I don't know if they will, I hope Babe will "fall" in lust with JR just as badly as she makes him (if she does). That's the only way I could accept it. Not just for her to get her baby back.

I DON'T want Babe to get her son back. Ever. At best, shared custody. But sole custody, to have Babe victorious. No. Never. Never ever. After all she's done, the best she deserves is shared custody. I'm worried to death for JR without his mother and without his child. She wants to destroy everything left of that man, and it disgusts me. JR's actions can be vile, and he has often tried to hurt Babe, but Babe keeps hitting people with killing off those that they love to serve her own purposes. It's an emotional scar that's deeper than those I've seen JR pull off, and more so, at least JR is pretty up front about being an asshole. Somehow that's always made things more palatable for me.

I'm really afraid she's going to win big soon. I hate her. If she ever gets Jamie and little Adam, I will have to blow up my TV.
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