Dumbledore Calrissian (kinderby) wrote in ihatebabe,
Dumbledore Calrissian

I can't take this. The Lavery worship on the show is bad, but the Carey-propping is downright insufferable. Babe didn't want JR to tell Adam that his wife is a WHORE, because she didn't want her mawmaw getting hurt? Whatever. She didn't want her mawmaw losing her meal ticket. And Babe damn sure doesn't care if Adam gets hurt. And now she's "dead" poor thing, and can't tell her mawmaw that she's alive. Krystal's over-the-top histrionics at the horrible double funeral, ruining Tad's moment made me want to throw large heavy objects at the television. But it also made me cackle on the inside, because now the bitch knows what it feels like to lose a child. She knows the grief and pain caused when someone tells you your child IS DEAD. And I love it. I love that she's suffering. People are saying, "Babe would never let her mother think she was dead." Maybe not. After all, Carey women are so good and honorable, and always put each other first. But to hell with everyone else. Because Babe let two parents think their children were dead. So saying she'd never let a parent think his or her child was dead? Well, that's just patently untrue.

And now Josh is to the rescue, talking about how evul JR is. I wouldn't mind a pairing of Josh and Babe, especially if they left town. Josh is no Kane. And those two deserve each other, the miraculous unabortion and the Walking Miracle. I can't take more self-righteous smug Babe on my screen. I get angry just thinking about the shit she gets away with. I hate hate hate her. Goddammit, Alexander, why couldn't you have really killed her?
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