Stef (exoticdaydream) wrote in ihatebabe,

An Open Letter

Dear Megan McTavish,

Kidnapping is not done out of love. Not wanting to lose your meal ticket or your perfect life is not love. Destroying primary characters, loved characters, characters with HISTORY on this show, is not acceptable. It is ridiculous, and completely disgusting. McTrash, if I deliver your first born, and then steal her because I don't want to lose my husband, or hurt him, but I'm really sorry about, will you forgive me? Will you do what you just made Bianca do? I'm glad Eden got out of there. And frankly, at this point, I hope she doesn't come back. At least not without a story of severe brain damage after her fall off the balcony, and a vengenance to destroy Babe. And a million apologies for JR, Adam, Kendall, Erica, Ethan and her daughter!!!! Megan, if your writing reflects who you are as a person, you are a terrifying individual.

Sincerely with loathing,

One infuriated fan
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