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Goodbye AMC and Babe

I'm sorry, I just can't do it anymore. I can't watch this fucking show anymore. It's beyond comprehension. Because of Babe so many of my favorite characters were ruined and the worst had to be today.

"I hate you and I think you suck, but I still want you to have custody of the baby, even though I'm not really sure why I'm supporting you."

I don't know what Bianca said. In fact, I don't want to understand it. It was horrible. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.

Thank God, Eden is leaving the damn show. I think McPsycho has officially killed the show for me today. It was bad enough Kelly decided that she gave the baby to Babe. It was really bad when Kevin withdrew the custody. It was equally disgusting to see Krystal and Jamie and Tad go on their "but Babe has poor judgement" preachfest.

But what Bianca did was not only out of character, but completely idiotic. How can you hate someone yet want that idiot to have custody of a child? THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANYSENSE. I fail to see the logic.

I'm not sure what I hate most, today's episode, McFuckingStupid, Babe, or all the characters that fucking got ruined in the "sanctify Babe process". I mean how sad is it when the only person in the courtroom today with any damn sense is Reggie? An annoying as little runt like him being the only one with logic that far exceeds that of Babe, David, krystal, Babe and Tad put together.

God I hate this show.

When Babe is killed, suffers a fatal illness, or McTavish is fired, feel free to drop me a quick email to return, otherwise, I think my time with AMC has officially come to an end.
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