Julie (she_runs_away75) wrote in ihatebabe,


When they showed Babe collapse in hysterics about losing her son, was that supposed to make us feel sorry for her? Because I definitely do not; in fact during that scene I actually said out loud to the tv, "GOOD. It's about time she suffered." Because I know this custodial decision isn't permanent- it IS a soap after all, and for once Babe didn't win. Must be too good to be true.

That said, Wow, AH was amazing today. The scenes with Bianca and at the end on the floor were really great. I can't believe anyone could seriously sob like that all the time. She's truly talented, even if I do hate Babe.

So let's see, Bianca and JR were kept from their children for what, 9 months and a year? How much do you want to bet that Babe somehow gets custody on or before May sweeps?

And one final thought- will she finally concede and call him Adam? Cause that kid is in for one hell of a personality disorder otherwise.
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