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Llanview idiots.

That's real good, Kelly, believe the word of a kidnapper. "Babe told me so many horrible things." I'm sure she conveniently left out what she did to draw that kind of anger from someone. But that's okay, because everyone in Llanview just knows that JR is a bad person who doesn't deserve a child. And Babe, well she's just a saint, isn't she?

And I believe that Kevin was fighting for Adam 3 because he just loves him as much as I believe Babe kept Miranda because she loved JR. That was a family power play and they lost. Deal with it.

One last question, how is JR not justified in his anger and his revenge but everything Babe has done has been justifiable? I just don’t understand how not a single person is on JR’s side (well, aside from Kendall and Erica.)

Okay, I lied, one more last question, speaking of Erica; riddle me this: What would people have Erica do in this situation? No one is defending Erica’s baby snatching in the least. But calling her a hypocrite in this situation seems a little stupid when it’s her daughter. How much sense would it be for her to go, “well, I know you kidnapped my daughter’s kid, and I should be pissed, but since I did it a while back, uh, I guess you’re forgiven. Babe=Good!” Wtf?? It isn’t like Tad’s hypocrisy and hell, think of mob/gang bosses. They’ll do whatever they want to you or your family but you go near a member of their family and they’ll rip you apart. Okay, I’m off track, but I just don’t get the screams of “Erica is such a hypocrite!!!!!” other than yet another way to glorify Babe.
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