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This community needs to be resurrected (tell your friends).

Babe is one dumb piece of stupid. I love how she thinks that having her by his bedside will help JR heal. And even when he coded once he saw her, she was still screaming into him that she loves him and wouldn't leave. Take the fucking hint, you idiot, he hates you.

And it's great she found a friend who is more stupid than she is. Amanda is just so happy someone likes her idiot ass that she'd say anything stupid to keep her around. 1-JR's condition is Babe's fault. 2-I'm pretty sure PVH is a private hospital. They can fling her ass out the door if they want.

Bianca was talking about how great a guy JR used to be, but it's funny how no one recognizes the fact that all changed when he found Babe in some gutter in San Diego and then inflicted her upon Pine Valley.

Simone and (especially) Dani need to STFU. Who the hell are they to be defending Babe...TO KENDALL of all people!! Just because you think she has "proven" herself doesn't mean that she deserved that job in the first place. The carpetbagger was an infliction upon that company and of course she has done okay there otherwise she would have been thrown to the wolves by then.

Goddammit I still effing hate Greenlee for this.
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