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Those poor whores...

they just can't help themselves!

I know y'all warned me, and I know I should have stayed away, but I had to look and see how bad it was.


Everything they do is with good intentions?! *boom* I know my love for Kendall is irrational, and probably unhealthy, and I forgive some of her shit, because I love her so much--but I still know to call it shit. But this Carey-love... oh my god! What soap are they watching? Babe held onto Miranda because she wanted to keep JR. And then she decided JR was this monster of a father... yet what did she do with Miranda when she found out her son was alive? Left Miranda with said horrible, monster father. That doesn't say much for her feelings for Miranda, now does it? And Krystal instigated the whole thing (oh, I'm being unfair, it was Paul that started it by telling JR Miranda was his) so her 'precious' daughter could keep on diggin' that gold.

Ahhh, HATE!!! Hate hate hate.
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EXACTLY on all points. I stopped watching when Kendall forgave Babe and started trying to help her. Screw. That. I was so angry I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Please, wake me when my real Kendall is back.